Two Decades of Global Impact Report

Future Generations
Future Generations Graduate School
Future Generations
September, 2012

The Two Decades of Global Impact report highlights the role and achievements of Future Generations since its founding in November 1992. The report highlights key achievements in community-based learning, health, conservation, peacebuilding, and higher education for development practitioners. A summary of key achievements include:  

  • Community-based Learning — 1) Set up more than 900 mosque- and
    home-based schools for women and girls in Afghanistan (learn about new projects on their Facebook Page); 2) Equipped 60 volunteer fire departments with public computer centers and trained more than 150 computer mentors across West Virginia to promote digital inclusion and open new educational and economic opportunities through broadband internet (
  • Health — 1) Informed national policy in Peru and Afghanistan to link homes to health systems; 2) Linked conservation with health benefits through a new type of volunteer community worker in Tibet, China; 3) Researched and applied empowerment-based methods to train thousands of mothers and community healthworkers; 4) Reduced child mortality by 46% in pilot sites in Afghanistan and achieved significant improvements across 21 major health indicators in Peru.
  • Conservation — 1) Helped conserve more than 58 million acres of diverse Himalayan habitat by facilitating three-way partnerships and harmonizing human well-being with ecosystem protection. Our current projects include the China Forum for Nature and the Model Eco-Communities Project (see page 46 and for more information).
  • Peacebuilding—1) Researched the role of citizens and communities in shaping the peace of regions and nations; 2) Applied the methodology of positive deviance to the peacebuilding sector to identify and learn from “what works”; 3) Launched a Master’s Degree concentration in peacebuilding to build capacity worldwide through an applied learning curriculum.
  • Higher Education—1) Since 2003, Future Generations Graduate School has gained accreditation and trained students and alumni from 29 countries (now from 33 countries) to apply lessons in their communities.

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