Afghanistan Community Development Programs

Future Generations strengthens the resourcefulness of Afghan communities and builds upon local successes for a more secure, equitable, and sustainable future. Our programs include:

Engaging Community Resilience for Security, Development, and Peacebuilding in Afghanistan: With support from the U.S. Institute of Peace and Carnegie Corporation, Future Generations Afghanistan joins the Future Generations Graduate School in a research project to learn from Afghanistan’s most successful communities and expand lessons to improve policy and practice.


Enhancing Rural Education and Leadership Development through Horticulture Training for Youth: Three High Schools in Khogyani District of Nangarhar Province are opening new horticultural training centers.Youth learn skills in planning, planting, and managing tree orchards and study benefits for the region’s environment and economy. Faculty, local farmers, and Community Development Councils are involved in the site-specific planning and management of their orchards.

Meeting the long-term needs of returnees through local governance and integrated development: With support from JICA, Future Generations Afghanistan trains returnees and receiving communities in infrastructure development planning. This project serves 25,000 families in 11 villages in two districts of Nangarhar Province.

Strengthening Local Governance with the National Solidarity Program: Future Generations partners with the “largest people’s project in Afghanistan.” The National Solidarity Program has organized a more than 30,000 Community Development Councils (CDCs) across all 34 provinces. These locally elected councils develop workplans and receive small block grants to implement projects based on local priorities. Future Generations Afghanistan has graduated 35 CDCs and currently trains 159 CDCs in Khoygani District of Nanagarhar Province. Currently, 40 block grant projects are underway.   

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