About Us - International Civil Society Organization

Future Generations promotes community-led development in partnership with government as a proven, alternative path to improving people's lives and places. Our mission is to: teach and enable a process of equitable community change that integrates environmental conservation with development. 

The core of Future Generations work is a process that communities and governments can use to shape their futures. This community-driven process can create large nature preserves (as in Tibet, China), rapid forms of social change (as in India), extend health services through maternal and child health programs (as in Peru), or help countries rebound from conflict (as in Afghanistan).

As an action-oriented civil society organization that partners with an affiliated and accredited graduate school (future.edu), the organization’s three-pronged operational strategy is to:

  • Incubate effective demonstrations of community change through partnerships in target countries (Afghanistan, China, India, Peru, Haiti, and the United States)
  • Conduct applied research to develop and evaluate community-based approaches
  • Build local capacity worldwide through a Master’s Degree in Applied Community Change with concentrations in Conservation and Peacebuilding

In ten years, we seek to partner with “100 nodes of change,” a global network of partners practicing a community-led approach to social change driven by local priorities and resources.

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