Mission, Vision and Core Values


Future Generations teaches and enables a process for equitable community change that integrates environmental conservation with development.


Future Generations was established in 1992 with the belief that community-based change was a proven alternative path to international development.

Future Generations ten-year vision seeks a global shift in practice that promotes more effective partnerships between communities, governments, and organizations to achieve community change and conservation.

The organization will promote “100 nodes of change” or demonstrations that are evolving more effective practices that fit local ecology, culture, and economy. It is anticipated that Master’s degree alumni, partner organizations, and other practitioners will contribute to this learning process and help mobilize local successes into large-scale social transformation in their own countries.

Core Values

Future Generations: 

  • Promotes respect for all lives and the conditions for their harmonious co-existence.
  • Recognizes the dignity of every human being.
  • Gives priority to the interests of women who have a particularly strong interest in the wellbeing of their families, children, and community.
  • Emphasizes equity, empowerment, and self-confidence especially among marginalized members of the community.