Maryam Saffi Audio Tribute, Afghanistan, Class of 2013

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bangladeshwaterCommittees.mp3 by Rezaul Karim

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Pir Mohammad Paya podcast, Student from Afghanistan, Class of 2013

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Maryam Saffi podcast, student from Afghanistan in the Class of 2013

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Voices from Haiti - A Song for Social Change

Six communities of Cite Soleil have formed a youth-led social change movement known as Konbit Soley Leve, based on the traditional Haitian cooperatives called konbits. Listen to the acoustic song (at the bottom of the page), "Konbit," by Gueldy Rene of "La Diference" and Bois Neuf of Cite Soleil, Haiti, as they express their vision for an empowered Haiti. 

See the lyrics below.

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Conservation Achievements in Tibet, China

Sea of Forests in the Four Great Rivers region of southeastern Tibet, ChinaSea of Forests in the Four Great Rivers region of southeastern Tibet, China

On July 2, 2011, Daniel Taylor, Endowed Professor of Equity and Empowerment for Social Change of the Future Generations Graduate School, and former President of Future Generations from 1992-2010, speaks with China Radio International on conservation challenges and successes in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

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Voices from Canada

grandfather and child
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Voices from South Africa

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Voices from Australia

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Tibetan Voices

Park Managers from the Mt. Everest National Nature Preserve in Tibet sing some songs during their study tour in the United States.
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