Country Partners - Engaging in Sustainable Development Partnerships

Future Generations partners with communities and governments in six countries to advance sustainable and holistic solutions that build from local successes and resources.

Six countries are strategic areas of focus.

Afghanistan: In three districts of Nangarhar Province, 105 community development councils (CDCs) learn skills for inclusive local governance and development planning to meet local priorities.

China: In Hunan,  a model eco-community in Taoyuan shows how community and government partnerships are protecting wetlands and meeting local priorities for sustainable livelihoods. In Tibet, 700 volunteers known as Pendebas spread conservation concepts and improve health among families living within nature preserves.

Haiti: Communities across Haiti use traditional konbits and other strategies to organize volunteers for a wide range of self-improvement projects. These locally-driven community successes are documented on a success map and spread through community-to-community learning exchanges.

India: More than 800 volunteers, 100 women’s groups and farmer’s clubs work together to realize Gandhi's dream of governance at the village level.

Peru:  2,100 communities partner with local and regional governments to manage primary health care facilities. Future Generations Peru strengthens this national system and has reduced chronic child maln­­utrition from 46% to 18% in pilot sites.

United States: Across West Virginia, volunteer fire departments volunteered more than 25,000 hours to deliver computer and broadband training to rural residents. A new initiative with the WV Veterans Coalition seeks to grow a statewide network of "Veteran Friendly Communities."