Future Generations Fall Newsletter 2013

Future Generations
October, 2013

This Fall 2013 newsletter of Future Generations and Future Generations Graduate School features photos and stories on:

  • New President, Everett Ressler
  • Graduation of the Inaugural Kathryn W. Davis Peacebuilding Class
  • Success Mapping and Peer Exchanges in Haiti
  • Partnership-Based Approach for Peru Community Health
  • West Virginia Veteran Friendly Communities
  • Women's Self-Help Groups in India
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Peru partner – Regional Health Office of Huánuco – wins first place award for “Good Practices in Public Management”

Future Generations Peru partners with the Regional Health Office (DIRESA) of Huánuco to promote and implement better practices in linking primary health care facilities with homes. In July 2013, the DIRESA Huánuco received first place in a national competition for “Good Practices in Public Management” in the category Maternal-Infant Nutrition.

WV Community Health Workers Meet Local Health Priorities

West Virginia has among the worst health indicators in the United States, including high rates of obesity, drug overdose, and tobacco smoking. To improve health behaviors, Future Generations Rural America trains local leaders as Community Health Workers (CHWs).


The Health Innovation Team seeks to improve health equity worldwide by developing scalable innovations that build upon successful community-based primary health models and target vulnerable populations.

Specifically, the team coordinates applied research projects and supports on-the-ground field demonstrations in partnership with an expanding base of Future Generations organizations and alumni, both domestically and internationally.
Innovations build upon two decades of organizational experience and lessons in community empowerment and capacity building methodologies. The core lessons that drive our creativity are that:

  1. Strengthening social capital at all levels has a direct positive impact on community health.
  2. Relationships among mothers, community members, organizations, institutions, and government are essential for the application and delivery of technical and behavioral interventions.

Future Generations experience includes training networks of community health workers and strengthening community-government partnerships for health in Afghanistan, China, India, and Peru. Future Generations has also played a significant role in influencing national health strategies and policy in Afghanistan and Peru.
A collection of new stories, publications, web pages, and multimedia related to Future Generations work in health are listed below. For more information, contact Nicky Bassford, Health Innovation Team Leader at nbassford@future.org.

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