Support 2nd Annual Cite Soleil Peace Prize - Louino Robillard

Help Robi honor young people who are making a difference in Haiti's biggest ghetto 

My name is Louino 'Robi' Robillard, and I am a young community leader who grew up in Cite Soleil, Haiti's largest ghetto. Cite Soleil has a rough history: our community is mostly known for the gang violence that has made it the most dangerous place in the country.

Future Generations Master’s Degree Students from Africa Win Davis Peace Prize

Two Future Generations Graduate School Class of 2015 students from Somalia and Cameroon received a $10,000 Davis Peace Prize to promote women’s rights and peace awareness in Africa. Deqa Osman’s project seeks to advance women’s rights and access to justice in her home country of Somalia, while Jonathan Nshing’s project promotes peace awareness among youth in Cameroon. All funded projects will be implemented in the summer of 2015.

Strategies of Villages in Afghanistan that have Maintained their Peace, Development, and Security

Throughout insecure areas of Afghanistan, some communities have protected themselves from violence while meeting their security and development needs. These are cases of “positive deviance” that offer examples of good practice for wider application.


Future Generations has a focus on enabling community-led processes for social change in complex and often insecure environments. In 2006, Future Generations launched research on peacebuilding—specifically the building of relationships between people, social groups, and state institutions to prevent violence and address the root causes of war, terrorism, and violent conflict.

With funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Future Generations "Engaging People in Peace" Project began a systematic review on the role of citizens and communities in building peace.

This work led Future Generations to test new approaches to peacebuilding based on the concept of positive deviance with trials underway or planned in Afghanistan, Guyana, and Haiti. In addition, this research helped the Future Generations Graduate School launch its second Master's Degree concentration—in peacebuilding—in collaboration with the United States Institute of Peace.

Below are articles, web pages, and multimedia resources related to Future Generations work in peacebuilding. For more information, please contact Peacebuilding Team Leader, Jason Calder at

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