Future Generations Arunachal - An Overview

The Women's Group of Rakso Village

The wildest jungles remaining in all of India and the country's most diverse tribal cultures are found in Arunachal Pradesh, a remote state in Northeast India where China and India meet.

Since 1997, we have partnered with Future Generations Arunachal (FGA), an independent Indian-registered charity. With 800 volunteers, 150 women's groups, farmer's clubs, and future clubs, the organization works to: 

  •   Realize Gandhi's dream to improve governance at the village level through the training of the state’s 6,000 locally-elected panchayat leaders (Gram Panachayat Members)
  •   Establish a statewide network of community-based protected areas that protect the region’s rare biodiversity while integrating eco-tourism opportunities for local communities using indigenous conservation knowledge
  •   Expand opportunities for women through the training of women as Village Welfare Workers (volunteer community health agents) and the formation of self-help groups, and
  •   Partner with the Arunachal Pradesh Department of Health and Family Welfare to increase community participation in the management of a Primary Health Center

These activities expand statewide through the "training of trainers" and the promotion of the most exemplary community sites as regional "Learning and Doing Centers."