Future Generations China - An Overview

Future Generations China, a Beijing-based organization, expands successes in community conservation that link rural social development with the protection of biological diversity for a more sustainable China.

More than 18 million people live within or surrounding China’s 2,500 protected areas. These rural communities seek to create sustainable livelihoods while protecting natural resources and biological diversity. In partnership with government and communities, Future Generations China provides professional and local-level training and collaborates on the design and development of large-scale community-based conservation initiatives.

With four major activities, Future Generations China: 1) Builds from its successes in the Tibet Autonomous Region to link rural social development with nature conservation; 2) Mentors youth to identify and expand other conservation successes across China; 3) Expands lessons through regional training sites known as “Model Eco-Communities”; and 4) Promotes policy-level dialogue through the China Forum for Nature.

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