Introducing President, Everett Ressler

Join staff and trustees in welcoming Everett Ressler as President of Future Generations and Future Generations Graduate School.

Everett Ressler brings a strong and diverse background working in countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America in the areas of international development, human response to crises, organizational effectiveness, and capacity building. His range of experience is rooted in practice but includes academic affiliations.

For 14 years, Everett worked with UNICEF as the global head of the Preparedness and Early Warning Unit (Geneva), as Regional Emergency Advisor for Eastern and Southern Africa (Nairobi), and as Senior Advisor (Rwanda). Since 2008, he worked globally with the Konterra Group doing research and evaluations on organizational effectiveness in the development and humanitarian fields for UN agencies and civil society organizations.

Early in his career he served as Regional Representative for the Norwegian Save the Children organization – Redd Barna (Bangkok) setting up rural and urban development and humanitarian programs in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Between 1985-1989 he helped establish and was the Program Coordinator for a training program on emergencies at the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (Bangkok) for participants from across Asia.  His work in the humanitarian field has included supportive roles in emergencies in Africa, Asia, and Central America.

Prior to working internationally, he helped establish and lead community programs in Virginia that assisted low-income families with housing, supported children in difficult circumstances, and provided crisis intervention services.

He has researched and authored papers and reports on a wide range of topics, including organizational change, accountability, early warning and response, the care and protection of children in war and refugee situations, internal displacement, preparedness, and contingency planning. He led teams and coauthored several foundational studies and policy papers.
Everett is married and has two married daughters. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Mennonite University, a Master’s degree from James Madison University, and completed a doctoral program (all but dissertation) at the University of Delaware.