Kathryn W. Davis Tribute: New York Times In Memoriam Ad

Kathryn W. Davis, a good friend of Future Generations and founder of the Peacebuilding Master's degree concentration, died the morning of April 23, 2013. At 106 years, she led a very full life, and Future Generations was blessed to have her generosity in supporting the Green Long March in China, inviting our Grad students to participate in the Davis Projects for Peace Prize, and founding the new Peacebuilding concentration of our Master's degree program.

Trustees, staff, students, and alumni of Future Generations and Future Generations Graduate School express their deep appreciation for the contributions that Mrs. Davis made to peacebuilding worldwide. Her lifetime dedication to education, scholarship, and world peace makes it an honor and a privilege for us to have benefited from her intellectual commitment and support. Her trailblazing legacies are contributing to making the world more hospitable and peaceful. The fruits of her efforts will surely multiply and benefit many around the world far into the future.

View the online Memoriam Ad for Kathryn W Davis on the New York Times website. Also see the ad in the attached print version of the New York Times.

This booklet introduces you to the inaugural class of the Kathryn W. Davis MA in Applied Community Change and Peacebuilding, comprised of 21 peacebuilders from 12 countries. Future Generations partners with the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) to teach this degree. Read their stories.

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