Future Generations Haiti —An Overview

Wozo Ayiti (www.wozoayiti.org) yields a detailed panorama of Haiti's local successes identified by Future Generations eight mappers. An unprecedented task in Haiti, this website serves as a hub where Haitian changemakers can explore the actions and lessons of their peers in other communities, allowing for community-to-community collaborations and positive synergies.

Future Generations empowers positive community-based action in one of the poorest and most dangerous places on the planet – Cite Soleil in the slums of Port-Au-Prince.

Future Generations is working to help the citizens of Cite Soleil take their lives into their own hands with their own resources. In the countryside, when a task is too great for one farmer, he will call konbit, and his neighbors will come and help him. There is no expectation of money, just that the farmer calling konbit will come and help when someone else is in trouble. In Haiti's largest slum, we have taken this rural seed for success and planted it in an urban environment. With help from Future Generations, slum residents have a new sense of pride in their community and hope for their future.

You can make a difference. Become a partner with Future Generations and help sustain a positive future for people in Cite Soleil and other people in the world empowered to seek solutions starting with what they have.