Community Breakthroughs

Communities achieve impact by following Future Generations guiding principles of: Building from Success, Growing through Partners, Decisions from Evidence, and Learning New Behaviors.

Conservation Breakthroughs

Creating participatory zone-based conservation management advances both people and nature.

Peace Breakthroughs

Peace can grow, expanding from the places in communities where some peace already exists.

Health Breakthroughs

With mothers as the #1 care providers and the home as the #1 care facility, behavior change can cure 2/3 of health needs.

Governance Breakthroughs

Bottom-up change grows within a top-down context. Combined with outside-in learning, more effective and inclusive change is created.

A Center Within Future Generations University

The world-circling organization known as Future.Org is a global network of practitioners of social change and a center of research and practice within Future Generations University. Members are organizations and individuals who link together to evolve global effective practice for scale-level, cost-effective, reaching-all impact .

Where We Work

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