Empowering Communities to Shape Their Futures

For 30 years, Future Generations has partnered with local communities around the world to achieve inclusive and sustainable change. This approach focuses on growing existing successes and simple behavior changes to mobilize the energies of all community members, creating solutions that benefit all. Learn more about our method.

Villagers in Arunachal Pradesh, India gather to plan a future of better health for their families.

“[For Future Generations] development is not a product, not a target, not some happy future state … It’s a process, measured not in budgets but in energy … Change happens because of how we invest our human energy.”

— Bill McKibben
Environmentalist, Educator, Author

Explore the global impact achieved across more than 40 countries by
thousands of trained local leaders and countless communities

Generating Impact through Applied Learning
In addition to country programs which lead sustainable development research, learning, and action, Future Generations equips individual development professionals to become more effective leaders of just and lasting change. Learn more about Future Generations University.

“The unusual design [of Future Generations] opens education for a new era and at scale. The result is integrated, interconnected, and inclusive advancement of people in low-income communities.”

— Annie Chen
Founder and Chair of RS Group Asia

Future Generations faculty and staff learn out-front in the field, so they are best prepared for tackling real-world challenges.

Each leader trained by Future Generations extends new knowledge and skills to many more in her community.

“The graduate school … specifically designed for staff of international relief and development organizations …radiates a network of humanitarian advancement where impact is being multiplied at scale.”

— George Rupp
Former President of Rice University, Columbia University

Local realities improve by:

  • Promoting innovations in community development
  • Facilitating connections among a growing network of global partners
  • Sharing knowledge and practice that strengthens the capacity of local organizations, community groups, governments, and other change agents

Together, we are responding to today’s challenges

and creating hope for tomorrow


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